Paris Rail Breaks

Paris Breaks by Rail

When your Eurostar train arrives at the Gare du Nord International station in Paris, it will take only a few moments before you are outside in Paris and ready to catch the sights. It is easy to walk around Paris and find your destinations, but the Metro, like the Tube, is extensive and accessible for a handy way to zip around the city.

There are dozens of unforgettable places to see in the city, but if you are looking to hit the top spots here are some must-see places to visit:

Le Tour Eiffel: How can you go to Paris and not go to the top of the Eiffel Tower? Although not ideal for anyone scared of heights, the views and scenery are definitely breathtaking and unforgettable. It normally takes a little time to get through the queues and up in the lifts, but once you reach the top you will forget any delay. Get a gorgeous view of the sprawling neighborhoods, green parks and winding Seine river. Take your camera!

L’Arc de Triumphe: Another wonderful Paris landmark, the Arc de Triumphe overlooks the Champs-Elysees. It is a marker to honor the Frenchmen who have fought and died in France’s history, and also has the World War I tomb of the Unknown Soldier. There are 284 steps to the top and, once there, a great, open-air view of the lively Champs-Élysées.

Les Champs-Élysées: This mile-long, very wide stretch of bustling shops and restaurants is framed on either side by gorgeous buildings and chestnut trees. It is a perfect place to sit at an outdoor café and watch the world go by, and also the perfect place to shop, shop and shop some more. It’s a fine place to escape from any inclement weather and catch a film at one of its cinemas. The shops are predominantly small and individual, though there have been an increased number of high street chains move into retail spaces recently.

Cathédrale Notre Dame de Paris: this cathedral rests on as island in the Seine River and boasts some impressive French Gothic architecture dating from the 12th century. Outside, the cathedral is dramatic and worthy of dozens of photos – especially when it is lit up at night and the architectural details highlighted beautifully. Inside, it is home to an organ with almost 8,000 pipes, exquisite detailed design (your eye will naturally be drawn up to the superb work on the ceilings) and a striking altar.