London Rail Breaks

London Weekend Breaks by Rail

Typical London Rail Breaks journey times to London (times are approximate)
Aberdeen to London 7 hrs 5 mins Dundee to London 5 hrs 55 mins
Inverness to London 8 hrs 0 mins Edinburgh to London 4 hrs 25 mins
Berwick to London 4 hrs 0 mins Newcastle to London 3 hrs 05 mins
Durham to London 3 hrs 0 mins Darlington to London 2 hrs 45 mins
York to London 2 hrs 45 mins Leeds to London 2 hrs 15 mins

From modern to historic, urban to green, London captures the hearts of all her visitors. Walking, bus, and boat tours are a good choice for tourists who want to see it all, and themed trails – like the literary trail and the historic gardens trail – are a great way to get to know London from the inside out.

Here are some must-sees for your London visit.

The Tower of London

Founded by William the Conqueror in 1066, a walk through the grounds will take you back in time with tales of royalty, torture, and intrigue. A day is hardly enough to view the massive fortress, exhibitions, and the awe-inspiring crown jewels.

The London Eye

This famous Ferris wheel is a token of the London skyline. Measuring in at 424 m, it gives its riders a spectacular view of 55 famous London sites in every direction.


London may well be called the museum capital of the world. The British Museum houses some of the world’s most fascinating artefacts, including the Rosetta Stone. The Tate Modern, with its Matisses and Picassos, the National Gallery’s famous European paintings, and the dinosaurs of the Natural History Museum cannot be missed. Don’t forget to say hello to Shakespeare and his friends at Madam Toussaud’s wax museum.


No visit to London is complete with a shop. The iconic Harrods is the ultimate department store, with floors of gourmet foods, restaurants, upscale apparel, perfumes, and more.

Camden Town

For the funky side of London, Camden Town serves up the best in artist markets and street food in a young, hip atmosphere.

Covent Garden

Covent Garden contains the Coven Garden market, shops, restaurants, and a grand piazza where street performers entertain. Theatres and the Royal Opera House are here.

Buckingham Palace

Celebrate England’s royal past with a visit to Buckingham Palace during August and September, when the 19 state rooms are open to visitors. Any time of year you can watch the changing of the guard, which occurs every day at 11:30 during the summer and every other day in the winter.

Westminster Abbey

While in Westminster, stop in to the Westminster Abbey. This magnificent, 700-year old church and cloister is still in use, and is open to tourists Monday-Saturday.

Hyde Park

Hyde Park is London’s best known green, with its serpentine river, gardens, and the infamous Speakers’ Corner. Among the park’s notable sites is a memorial to Princess Diana.