Edinburgh Rail Breaks


Edinburgh City Breaks by Rail

Typical Edinburgh Rail Breaks journey times to Edinburgh (times are approx.)
Aberdeen to Edinburgh 2 hrs 25 mins Dundee to Edinburgh 1 hrs 10 mins
Inverness to Edinburgh 3 hrs 35 mins London to Edinburgh 4 hrs 25 mins
Berwick to Edinburgh 0 hrs 50 mins Newcastle to Edinburgh 1 hrs 30 mins
Durham to Edinburgh 1 hrs 50 mins Darlington to Edinburgh 2 hrs 05 mins
York to Edinburgh 2 hrs 35 mins Leeds to Edinburgh 2 hrs 25 mins

Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, is multi-faceted city, packed full of ancient ties to the past as well as all the evidence of modern life.

To begin, you must walk the Royal Mile. Everyone does, and for good reason. At the craggy North end stands Edinburgh castle. From the imposing ramparts, visitors gain a tremendous view of the city and surrounding areas. Here you can learn castle secrets, investigate your heritage, and hear the skirl of bagpipes. After your fill of the castle, meander through art museums, kirks and tartan-makers. Make sure you stop at John Knox’s house and St. Giles cathedral. The Royal Mile ends at Holyrood, home to the Scottish Parliament, the palace and Queen’s park.

If you enjoy whisky, (and what visitor to Scotland doesn’t?), you have your choice of distillery tours. The Whisky Heritage Center is along the Royal mile, near the castle. There are also tours that include education on the whisky making process, pronunciation guides and of course, tastings. Edinburgh is also home to hundreds of pubs, cafes and first-class restaurants.

Edinburgh is well known for its performing arts. Throughout the city, in theaters large and small, you will find a range of musical, theatrical and scholarly performances ranging from traditional to ultra-modern. The Edinburgh festival, held each year in August, highlights performers from across the globe. Hogmanay, or New Year’s Eve, is also renowned for it’s display of city-wide entertainment and fireworks.

The mystical side of Edinburgh is well worth exploring. Auld Reekie is known for its haunts, ghosts and famous murders. Any number of Ghost Walks are available, some of which will take you to dark places unknown to the general public. These run on a daily basis, and for the truly brave, there are night opportunities as well.

If you feel the need to escape from all the tourist activities, consider a climb up Arthur’s seat. This thirty minute walk in Holyrood park not only stretches the legs, but gives yet another fantastic view of the city. Make sure to investigate the ruins of St. Anthony’s, a chapel that dates back to the fifteenth century.

You won’t find another place like Edinburgh in all of Europe. For that matter, you won’t find another place like it in the entire world. Each nook and cranny oozes beauty, culture, and mystery. Be prepared to spend longer than you planned in this brilliant city.