Brussels Rail Breaks

Brussels City Breaks by Rail

Brussels is the international and capital city of Belgium. Optimally located between France and Germany, the country and city of Brussels are a product of cultural diversity. The city boasts close to 2 million inhabitants who are French and Dutch speaking. Although the official languages are French and Dutch, most people speak English. There are many things to do and see in the majestic city of Brussels for art lovers, food lovers, and those looking for family fun.

For those looking to appreciate art, the city houses many museums. One of the most popular and must see is the Royal Museum of Fine Arts of Belgium. This museum contains must see famous works by Jacque Louis David, Pierre Paul Rubbens, and Robert Campin, just to name a few. For those looking to entice their taste buds the Museum of Cocoa and Chocolate offers not only a history of this favorite treat, but offers tastings as well. Additionally, the museum of the City of Brussels offers insight into the city’s diverse economic, cultural , and political history.

For those seeking family oriented fun, the city offers many attractions. The local aquarium, located in the heart of Brussels, offers 48 aquariums with all types of fish, amphibian, and reptiles species for all to learn about and enjoy. Another site to marvel at, is the Atomium monument built for the 1958 World’s Fair. Here, anyone can go up into the spheres and enjoy majestic views of the city and even dine in the restaurant offering tasty regional food.

Brussels is the self proclaimed capital of gastronomy. The wonderfully charming “Petit Rue des Butchers” (street of butchers), is a street lined with nothing but restaurants. However, do not be fooled by the name, as this street offers mostly mussels and sea food which is prominently displayed for passersby. Of course, do not forget to enjoy the famous Belgium food and beer. Beer tasting of all the different Belgium varieties is available to try at the many pubs around the city. The famous waffle varieties include the Liege and Brussels, sold by street vendors or you can have them at the famous “Le Gâéteau de Bruxelles”. Walking around Brussels you will also find the streets lined with “friteries” or chip stalls, to delight your taste buds.

No matter what you choose to do, Brussels offers many activities that are sure to stimulate all of your senses.